January 2019 NEWSLETTER

We start the new year afresh with a new committee and many new exciting ideas.

As a group of like minded people, we want to increase our bonds by asking all members to help run the club. This will include initiating a monthly rota for cakes, savouries and refreshments.

The programme for the next 12 months has been agreed, however we are now booking 2020. If you have any skills that you are willing to pass on at a meeting, know any demonstrators who will give a workshop or have a craft you’d like us to book a meeting to cover – its now the time to let us know.

Membership renewal for all members will be notified by email, if we do not have this can you please ensure our new secretary Joanne Luton is informed. We will not be increasing the monthly membership fee as our insurance, NSA fees and hire charges have not increased, however we have decided that non members fee will have to now include refreshment costs as we are unable to man the kitchen and take payment.

With the new knowledgeable committee members, we hope to increase our bank balance by again running a craft fair later in the year. If you are interested in having a stall, can help with the operation please inform Sue Hyslop our new Vice chairman. Funds raised from this event in the past have enable us as a club to subsidise many artist and demonstrator visits, therefore it is to the benefit of the clubs members to aid in this venture.

We plan on renewing many of the activities that operated last year when the committee waste full capacity. Therefore a quarterly news paper will operate and members will receive a birthday card on their special day. Please ensure we have an email address for contact, your postal address, that you have joined our face book pages and more importantly we know the date and month of your birth (the years is just a number none of us want reminding of)

Finally, to increase our team spirit and friendly club atmosphere can we ask that all members help with the cleaning down after each meeting and that we have vacated the hall at 9pm sharp.

I look forward to catching up with you all at our future meetings

Thank you

Lynda (Chair)

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